Thursday, 22 July 2010

East London Soundscapes

The latest work by The NeoFuturist Collective took place as part of the first ever World Listening Day on July 18th. The following is an extract from a revue by Bellyflop.

"START! – a neofuturist opera in 5 movements: feeding the urban appetite for collapse, the performers engage the public in a complete tour of the site. A conductor directs a quartet for three car engines, horns and radios into the sublimation of a traffic jam. The last words of the manifesto, recited in an opera fashion as an apocalyptic bedtime chorus by a woman behind a wall and a man sitting by a world globe light (with a vintage recording of a nightingale playing in the backround) sound together disarming and conforting : art will not save the world."

Read the full review here.